I'm Sarah, I help Dietitians & Registered Health Professionals grow scalable expert businesses so they can earn more money & buy back freedom without spending hours on social media

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14 Days of Social Media Content Ideas

Social media is such a powerful tool for increasing your visibility and growing your business and its totally free!

But I also know that planning and creating content, and being consistent with it can feel so overwhelming.

Get a head start with 14 days worth of ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

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Hiya, I'm Sarah

I'm a Registered Dietitian with almost 25 years of NHS & freelance experience and my passion is helping other RD's and health experts grow successful online businesses, so that the public get the right information about their health.

My goal is to help you create more money, have more time and become the go-to expert you deserve to be, so you can quit the 9-5, and enjoy the freedom that comes with creating your own path in life.

Everything I teach I've tried and tested first in my nutrition business The Children's Nutritionist as a lot of the generic business strategies don't work in healthcare or for a UK audience.

I do this so you can be rest assured that you are getting proven strategies and advice.


Useful Business Tools

Find out about the tools I use to support my business and how they can help you. 

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For dietitians who like to plan so you can achieve everything you want.

This bundle contains a daily, weekly and monthly template, undated so you can use them over and over to help you stay on top of your projects, keeping you focussed and on track.

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6 Things To Ask Yourself When Setting Up Your Business

If I had the opportunity to start over again, these are the key questions I would have asked myself so that I could be 100% clear on my business idea, and grow my business faster.

There's so much noise out there, so much 'free' advice that actually overcomplicates things and leaves you wondering what you need to do first.

 If you are at the start of your nutrition business, (or just feeling stuck) and want to be clear on what to work on first, grab your free workbook below.

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My Recommended Business Books

I'm often asked for book recommendations and so here is a list of a few that I’ve learned a lot from!

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Launch your online dietetic business with passive income streams without compromising your integrity

Watch this on-demand masterclass on diversifying your dietetic business with passive income streams including digital goods, courses, memberships and affiliate income. 

This masterclass is all about making money online, as a dietitian without seeing clients!⁠

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