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Do you remember when your career as a Dietitian first began…

And everything felt brand new?

You were proud you’d finally made it. You were bursting with hope for the future. And you knew you could make a difference.


But soon, the day-to-day reality of NHS life kicked in. 

Frantic hours. Busy waiting rooms. Frustrating red tape. 

The boredom of nothing changing.


So you hatched an escape plan!

You thought about going freelance – because you love being a Dietitian.

Maybe you’ve even started out on your freelance journey. Yay!

Perhaps you’ve been plugging away for a while…


But…wow. Why is it so difficult to build and grow this thing?

Where are all the clients? All that freedom you dreamed of?

And why are you still working ALL the hours?!


Hold up – I hear you! 

No one teaches us business skills, we're the experts in nutrition but not in how to run a business.

I’ve been right there in those closed-toed flat hospital shoes myself. And I’m here to tell you that your escape plan can work!

You can absolutely succeed with your freelance dreams – and enjoy a life of independence, money and balance.

And the fantastic bonus? You get to recapture that feeling of possibility and excitement you thought you’d lost for good.


If that sounds like exactly the thing you’ve been waiting for…

Keep reading, ambitious Dietitian. 

I’ve got you.

Picture a world where you have complete flexibility to work when you want…


And to take time off for yourself or loved ones whenever it feels right.


To have full independence to make decisions without the rules, restrictions and red tape of working for the NHS or someone else.


To earn more money in nutrition, doing work that you love.


And to have total freedom to create your own path.


Breathe that in for a second. It would feel amazing, wouldn't it?


Then let’s explore exactly how!

The Dietitians In Business Mastermind


I would love to introduce you to my 12-module business programme.


It’s exclusively for Freelance Dietitians like you, who want an online business so they can take their freelance practice to the next level.


I put this Mastermind together so you don't have to spend months (or even years) working it all out, to support ambitious Dietitians who are ready for more.


More income, instead of working all the hours and still not receiving richly.


More energy for the work you’re passionate about, instead of feeling under pressure and ending up drained.


More confidence to attract clients in a way that feels good.


And finally – more freedom to live and work on your own perfect terms.


I’m Proof That You Can Achieve This!

Hi I'm Sarah – Registered Dietitian, coach and business mentor.


Just 4 years ago, I longed for more too.
I was stuck in my NHS consultant role, knowing that I’d reached the ceiling and it still wasn’t enough. The only thing I could expect ‘more’ of was stress, burden and red tape.
When I lost my lovely mum, I knew it was time to take my 'side hustle' of seeing private patients and advising food companies more seriously.
So I set about turning my sidelines into a profitable business. And it worked!
Within just 2 years I’d gone from full-time NHS Dietitian to running a wildly successful online business. And now I make more money than I ever imagined and I’m able to help thousands of people in a way that feels easy and aligned.
My amazing team of 3 staff take away the day-to-day tasks, leaving me free to enjoy the parts I love.
But the real joy is in having the freedom and time to spend with my husband and family…
And in helping other Dietitians achieve this lifestyle too. I’m proof that it’s possible for you.

But No One Teaches Us How To Build A Successful Online Business at Uni


And no one translates the business skills you can learn into the world of dietetics.


So I went away and invested thousands of pounds to learn.


Previously in my career I'd been an NHS Manager, so I had plenty of business skills. And so I set about implementing my new knowledge alongside these skills to see what happened.
I applied strategies, tested them, failed and learned why. Then I tried something new, again and again, and again. 
I kept going until I found exactly what we as Dietitians need to do to harness our unique skills and expertise – and turn them into a profitable business.


Now I’m here with my 'done for you' programme teaching other Dietitians like you to find your ultimate freedom too, via the Dietitians in Business Mastermind.
Find Your Freedom


Nice Words from Mastermind Alumni


What Does The Mastermind Include?


So are you excited to hear more about what happens in the Mastermind?

Then let me share it with you. 

In our small and intimate group, I work closely with you over 12 weeks (+3 bonus 'implementation' weeks) to help you build your dietetic business.  


Here’s exactly what you’ll get inside:


  • Weekly Group Coaching – we get together on Zoom to work through the 12 essential strategies to help you move your business forward. (Catch the replay if you can't make it live.) This is where the magic lies, you'll learn the strategies you need for a flourishing business, saving you the time and energy of going it alone.  


  • A 45 Minute 1:1 Session With Me – you’ll love this personalised and powerful session where we dive into your business goals and get clear on how to reach them


  • Regular Guest Experts – I handpick experts from other industries to teach you the vital skills for running a successful business. Everything from mindset to copywriting, to make sure you’re the full package


  • Lifetime Accessto recordings and course materials, so you can benefit again and again


And of course, we’re about so much more than strategy.

I’m passionate about helping you find your own unique voice, understand and embrace your brand and get your business noticed amongst the sea of other nutrition professionals. 

(And yes, I know how frustrating it can feel when the vast tide of people getting seen and heard aren’t actually qualified! Why do they get all the limelight? And how can you, as a real Dietitian, claim some back? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!)

And Thats not all....

We've been endorsed by the BDA for 40 hours of CPD!


Discover The Mastermind Bonuses!

I want to support you in as many ways as I can, so I’ve added these bonuses too. Because I know these extras will make all the difference in helping you on your way.

Your Dedicated Facebook Group

This is your private space, exclusive to Mastermind members. Your virtual dietetic department! It’s a place to:

  • Bounce around ideas
  • Get support, feedback and ask questions
  • Teamwork and collaborate
  • Set goals and celebrate wins
  • Get access to handy worksheets and up-to-date guidance
  • Receive support from me whenever you need me




Day to Day Messenger Support

Because I know what it's like to just need an answer to a question so you can crack on with your work, I'm there for you via Messenger to answer your quick questions.




Access To Resources 

Grab templates, cheat sheets and invaluable done-for-you resources like my copywriter's email sales sequence that converts to £££. This is all about helping you take action quickly.

I know you are busy so I'm saving you a whole lot of work, time and energy. I'll do the heavy lifting, you just need to implement and go!

And when you do, your Mastermind investment quickly pays for itself!

You get your own personal page with all of your videos, PDFs, bonus sessions and 1:1. Yours to keep and refer back to again and again. Forever!



Three EXTRA Weeks Of Masterminding!

To make sure you have plenty of time to implement what you’ve learned, I’ve extended the Mastermind by an extra 3 weeks! 

During that time we’ll work together to unpick your challenges. You’ll have my expert advice to help you, so you never stay stuck.




Meet Maddy & Lydia - Two Mastermind Alumni



If that sounds like exactly the support you need, I would love you to secure your space today. 

Let’s build your successful business together. 


£2997 Pay in full & save

*NEW* Pay in 12 easy monthly instalments of £300


Or book a complimentary chat to explore your questions

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Want Me To Reveal

The Real Change This Mastermind Will Bring You?

We’ve talked about the impactful weekly coaching sessions, the powerful one to one, the range of guest experts…

We’ve delved into those invaluable bonuses – the resources hub, the Facebook group, the tech support…

But how will the Mastermind REALLY help you? 

There are so many ways. Here are just a few.


The Mastermind will help you:


  • Wave hello to your ultimate work-life balance – no more working 9-5 and frantically juggling children! You'll be in control of your precious time


  • Work on the right parts of your business – the exciting parts that will help you grow! No more working into the early hours just to get stuff done. Imagine yourself as the master of your business – back in control!


  • Stop spending endless time on social mediano more posting and praying that someone buys from you. And no more pointless scrolling! Get in and get it done with an intentional plan


  • Find directiondon’t be in the dark! Come and discover exactly what you need to do to build your business, work less hours for more money, and feel passionate about your work again. Hooray!


  • Learn the exact strategy Dietitians need to run a profitable online business – you'll have a business model that actually works! It's not as simple as doing what the business coaches say – trust me. I tried and tested many times before I identified what really works for us. Let’s avoid those mistakes!


  • Discover how to stand out from other nutrition expertslearn your unique voice and personal brand, so you break through the noise of those who don’t even have your qualifications and experience!


  • Gain confidence – to get out there and attract clients like a dream (the kind you really want to work with, who bring joy to your day)


  • Take action – because the power of accountability from your Mastermind workmates, with me as your coach and mentor, is huge!


  • Embrace a new kind of energy – no more hitting ‘snooze’ and dreading your day. You’ll soon be bouncing out of bed, excited to make a start on work that you love. Hello, renewed sense of purpose!


  • Enjoy the freedom you deserveno more NHS policies, procedures, red tape or working to the boss’s demands. Just you, choosing your hours, your work and your clients. (Doesn’t that sound fabulous?!)


  • Make more money! Well, of course. That's what this Mastermind is all about! I'll show you how to work smarter not harder so you can start seeing the income and living the life you’ve been dreaming of. (Yes, honestly. It’s worked for me! We can do this.)

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The Empowered RD Success System

I’ve created a unique 3 pillar success system that takes you through the 12 business accelerators you need to ensure your business is set for success.

If you overlook any of these vital areas, the sad truth is that your business won’t flourish like it deserves to.  

Starting a business without a strategy is the fastest way to crash and burn. I’ve seen it! 

And I want better for you. 

That’s why I’ve worked hard to craft this unique solution – because you don’t know what you don’t know. 


So I’m here to guide you!


When you put these 3 pillars together:

  • Your business will stand strong
  • Your path becomes clear and focused
  • And you’ll soon be making the money you desire and creating the freedom you’ve been dreaming of


I know, because it worked for me! Let’s take a look.


Without people to sell to, you won't make money


Your website is essential for establishing your credibility as a healthcare professional. But more importantly, it means potential clients find you (not you searching for them) who buy from you while you are sleeping!

Let’s discover how to make that work.

Social Media

Social proof is huge and social media is your best (free!) marketing tool. We’ll explore how you can grow your brand and your following on social media without being a slave to IG/FB. You’ll soon feel confident to show up as the expert you truly are and establish trust so that potential clients are drawn to you.

Email Marketing

You don’t own your social media following, so building your list is a must. And it’s the easiest way to make sales! Learn how to attract potential clients onto your email list with minimal effort, then nurture and connect with them and stay top of mind. Get this right and they’ll soon feel hot to work with you.

Google SEO

Say goodbye to all the confusion over Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  Clients will find YOUR business when they’re looking for nutrition advice, once you learn the secrets of SEO. (And no, this isn’t just a task you can hand over to the website guy! You need to get your head around SEO and use it to your advantage in every piece of content you create.)


Providing your potential customers with what they want, not just what they need. This is about meeting your people where they are at, beyond the traditional 1:1 consultations.

Digital Goods

Find out how you can start selling PDF downloads from your website to bring in a stream of extra income. (With no extra work, once it’s all set up!) Anything from diet sheets to e-books to meal plans… We’ll delve into the exciting possibilities that could work for you.

Online Courses

Learn the pros, cons and tech around creating transformational online courses. We’ll look at what you could earn when people buy these video courses from your website. Imagine the feeling of money bouncing in whilst you sleep!


Discover the pros, cons and tech around building your own membership, perfect if you like the idea of monthly recurring income. Picture less marketing and panic over bringing in new clients – as you have a tribe of people already paying you monthly for your knowledge.

Affiliate Income

Probably one of the most passive ways to make money. You’ll learn how to earn commission from recommending other people’s products, at no extra cost to the buyer. And don’t panic! Everything I teach is completely ethical and legally compliant. Dietitians can safely benefit from affiliate income too!


This is about the smooth running of your business, from optimising your personal development, your business plans, your branding, and your systems & processes.

Future Planning & Mindset

This step is all about your vision. What do you want to achieve? Who do you need to be to achieve it? You might be surprised to learn that business success is only 20% strategy – and 80% mindset! So we make sure we're working on your mindset.

Business Planning

Now you have a vision, this step is all about planning your business strategy. We’ll also get clear on how much money you want to make, so we can set your goals to make sure you achieve what you've dreamed of.

Your Brand, Messaging, & Story

Here, we step up and explore what you want to be known for, how you'll be remembered and what makes you stand out from all the other dietitians offering the same services.. We'll be working ON your business not just IN it.

Systems & Processes

As your business grows, you’ll soon discover processes and procedures you do routinely. I'll teach you how to create systems to increase your productivity, so you can get more done in less time! This is the key to working smarter, not harder. These systems will be crucial when you take on people to work in your business too.

So if your dietetic business isn’t yet the shining example you know it deserves to be…

You’re probably missing or stuck with some of these steps. 

Am I right? Then let me help you!

I don’t want your business to wobble because it’s missing some of the pillars to keep it stable. 

Together we’ll make sure you have a firm grounding in these essential areas, so your business is set to take off!

Grab one of the limited Mastermind spaces today and let’s do this.

Grab Your Space



A Few Words From Past Masterminders


Wondering If This Mastermind Is For You?

This Mastermind IS FOR YOU if you recognise some of these:

  • You’re working as a freelance Dietitian – perhaps part time in the NHS too, but...
  • You’re working all the hours and you end each day feeling exhausted and overwhelmed
  • You feel you're working so hard – but where are all the customers?
  • Your income feels worryingly like it’s either feast or famine – you’d love a bit more consistency
  • You've got so much to do but you’re not sure where to focus.
  • You are wondering 'why is nothing working?' Should you have some sort of strategy?
  • You've got a business but never get to take a holiday – what's holiday pay? (And you daren’t get ill!)
  • Your children say things like ‘Mummy’s always working’ – and you’re questioning whether all those hours are worth it.

This Mastermind is not for you if:

  • You are brand new to the world of freelance dietetics.
  • You’re happy working as an employee and have no desire to earn more money working less hours.
  • You'd love a freelance business but don't have the time to dedicate to growing it at the moment. This mastermind is for action takers.
  • You're making multiple 7 figures in your business already. (Can I come and get mentorship from you?!)
  • Your business is doing great and you’re ready to scale, but chucking money at Facebook ads isn't working. Talk to me about Elevate - my 1:1 business strategy & coaching as scaling with digital products is a whole different ball game!

Want To See What The Others Are Saying?

“I can finally move forward and work for myself!”

I am so glad I decided to join Sarah's Dietitians in Business Mastermind. 

I am right at the beginning of setting up on my own as a freelance Dietitian and there is SO much I don't know! 

Sarah is calm, friendly and approachable and the whole process is so much less stressful with Sarah to turn to every time I am unsure what to do.  

I just post a question on the Facebook group and Sarah will always reply, with the added bonus of the other Dietitians in the Mastermind adding their experience as well. 

The sessions are thoughtful and information-packed. Luckily Sarah provides recordings as I almost always need to go back and listen again to take it all in, so I really feel I am getting value for money

Setting up your own business for me was so daunting I put it off for years. 

Having the Mastermind and Sarah as a mentor has finally enabled me to move forward and take the steps I needed to in order to work for myself.

Nicola, Registered Dietitian

Reviews of the Dietitians In Business Mastermind


Christel Lyell

Registered Dietitian

Dalia Cefai Aboulezz

Registered Dietitian

Make your most important business move and grab your seat in the Mastermind now.

(and nab those 40 CPD hours too!)

Grab a Space

What exactly do we get?

Here’s what you’ll get inside:


  • Weekly Group Coaching – we get together on Zoom to work through the 12 essential strategies to help you move your business forward. (Catch the replay if you can't make it live)


  • A 45 Minute 1:1 Session With Me – personalised and powerful to dive into your business goals and get clear on how to reach them


  • Regular Guest Experts – handpicked experts from other industries to teach you the vital skills for running a successful business. Everything from mindset to copywriting, to make sure you’re the full package. There are 20 sessions available to you so far!


  • Lifetime Accessto recordings and course materials, so you can benefit again and again


Plus the bonuses!


  • Your Dedicated Facebook Groupmy members call it their ‘virtual dietetic department.’ We’d love to see you there too!



  • Access To Resources – grab templates, cheat sheets and invaluable done-for-you resources to help you take fast action



  • Handy Tech Walkthroughs on demand, whenever you need it, I'll show you how, because I know tech can feel like a headache, so let’s not let anything hold you back! 



  • Three EXTRA Weeks Of Masterminding! To make sure you have plenty of time to implement what you’ve learned



  • Daily Messenger Support - so that you can have your quick questions answered so you don't get stuck and lose momentum.



When do we start?

The Mastermind runs all year round, we meet on Thursday mornings and they are recorded in case you can't make it live. Jump in now to reserve your spot and start seeing exciting results straight away.



Here is what Katie said


So if you’re ready to say YES to:

  • Complete flexibility to choose your own hours (and work a lot less of them!)
  • Freedom to create your own path (without red tape and demands!)
  • And the chance to earn a fantastic income, doing work you truly love


Now really is the time to join us. 



“Sarah never fails to come up with an answer to any question I have.”

Lesley Reid, Registered Dietitian


“The support is amazing.”

Dalia Cefai Aboulezz, Registered Dietitian

Empower yourself and say YES to your space on the Mastermind today.

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